• Independent material science expertise
  • Determination of materials' chemical compositions
  • Determination of failure reasons
  • Indentification of industrial defects origin and development of quality improvement measures
  • Restoring of production technological chains (reverse engineering)
  • Complex analysis of surface

Investigations fullfilling by the company

  1. Analysis of powders and coatings.
  2. Material science researches.
  3. Engineering in field of prospective materials.
  4. Determination of chemical and phase composition of inclusions on the surface and in the bulk of materials.
  5. Determination of environment impact (solar irradiation, reactive environments, humidity, and others) on propeties of material and its surface.
  6. Development of project proposals.
  7. Preparation of scientific papers for journals indexed by WoS, Scopus on material science, condenced matter physics, surface and interface analysis.
  8. Training in modern methods of surface analysis (courses of lectures, seminars, and practical studies).
  9. Technical examination and independent expertise of metal goods quality.
  10. Laboratory researches of novel high-tech developments including thin film materials and coatings.

Our key results are presented in book chapters and papers in scientific journals.

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