• Expertise of materials and their quality
  • Investigations of nanomaterials
  • Materials science researches
  • Studies in solid state physics

The enterprise was established in January 1992 by scientists of the I.P.Bardin Central Scientific Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy (CNIIChermet) .

The enterprise carries out a high level expertise of materials for numerous industry branches. Employees of SPRG have many years experience in studies of problems in metallurgy, engineering, chemical, and many other industries connected with quality of materials and their surface.

The characterization of nanomaterials is a key point in the enterprise activities. The set of methods (partly protected by international patents) allows to carry out complex researches of such objects as thin films, nanocrystals, quantum dots, coatings, sensors, catalysts, etc. SPRG laboratory possesses modern unique equipment.

Surface Phenomena Researches Group is among 10 world leading centers of surface analysis. It has a great experience in participation in international and national research projects, and it is ready to collaborate in research projects: investigations of your samples under bilateral research contract, subcontractor or project partner with specific work programme, project coordinator.

SPRG is developing the set of new materials:
- coatings for cutting tools;
- semiconductor nanomaterials for opto- and nanoelectronic devices;
- metamaterials combining unusual heat protecting and optical properties.
We are fullfilling researches aimed on technological improvements for production of pipe, deep drawable, stainless, and cast steels.

The newly developed software for calculations of phase transitions in steels based on neural networks modelling of isothermal austenite decoposition diagrams (TTT diagrams) is on the market. We can carry out calculations for your steel compositions and cooling modes.