• Neural networks
  • Austenite decomposition
  • Ferrite, pearlite, bainite, martensite transformations
  • Diagrams of isothermal austenite transformations (ТТТ-diagrams)
  • Diagrams of austenite transformations at constant cooling rates (CCR- diagrams)
  • Dynamics of austenite decomposition during complex multistage cooling

English version of the ANNETTT software complex is coming soon. Price — 1730 Euro.
To purchase the ANNETTT software please send your request to info@sprg.ru

The demo version of the software for isothermal austenite decomposition diagrams calculations C-Curve-Demo. If you have installed the old version of this software, please remove it before the new version downloading. You need to have 3.5 MB free disk space for the new version installation.

The software complex ANNETTT for prediction kinetics parameters of undercooled austenite decomposition

The ANNETTT software complex is aimed for analysis of regularities in transformation kinetics of undercooled austenite decomposition in hypoeutectoid steels with carbon content 0.15—0.6% and total content of alloying elements up to 7%.

The software complex has 3 modules:

  1. The system kernel (C-Curve module) — calculations of isothermal austenite decomposition diagrams (TTT- diagrams) using neural networks.


  2. Module for dynamic calculations of phase transformations in the steel during cooling by complex multistage modes VolConc.


  3. Module for calculations of Constant Cooling Rate austenite transformations diagrams (CCR-diagrams).


ANNETTT application areas

  • Science:
    • Electronic handbook on isothermal and thermokinetic diagrams.
    • Optimization of chemical compositions and heat treatment modes for the newly developing hypoeuthectoid low- and medium-alloyed steels to obtain the required structure and properties.
  • Industry:
    • Optimization of steels heat treatment modes, particularly determination of optimal temperature for heating to quenching.
    • Stabilization of phase composition and mechanical properties of the roll at complex cycles of thermomechanical treatment at variations of the steel compositions in the steel grade limits.
    • Accounting of segregation non-uniformity in slabs.
    • Integration possibility of the ANNETTT software into process control applications of modern rolling mills.
  • Education — development of the set of laboratory classes for studies of influence of carbon and alloying content in steels on regularities of phase and structure transformations of undercooled austenite.

System requirements

  1. Operation system — from Windows XP to Windows 10
  2. RAM and processor — according to OS requirements
  3. Video — SVGA 800x600
  4. Свободное дисковое пространство — 10 МБ
  5. User interface devices — keyboard and mouse
  6. Additionally — CD-ROM drive or USB port for the software installation

Key principles of the software model

Basing on analysis of high number of published diagrams of isothermal austenite decomposition, the system of learned neural networks was made to describe values of critical points А3 (ferrite transformation start), А1 (pearlite transformation start), Мs (martensite transformation start), and course of the ferrite start Fs, pearlite and bainite start and finish Ps, Pf, Bs, Bf curves in the “temperature-time” coordinates as functions of chemical composition of the steel.

Extremely high closeness of fit between calculated and experimental parameters of the isothermal austenite decomposition diagrams in the wide range of steels compositions was reached by the arbitration mechanism of calculations by several networks with different architectures for every curve.

Basing on calculated diagram of isothermal austenite decomposition for the steel with given composition, the dynamic calculation of phase transformations is performed for the user-defined multistage cooling cycle. This cycle can include typical steel cooling processes such as cooling with furnace, normalization, fan cooling, quenching in oil or water, linear cooling with user-defined velocity.

Constant cooling rate diagrams are calculated as series of linear coolings with velocities increasing in the geometric progression.

Preferences of ANNETTT software complex

  • High range of steels compositions in carbon and alloying content.
  • Very high precision in determination of isothermal austenite decomposition parameters on TTT-diagrams as functions of chemical composition of the steel: critical temperatures A3, A1, Мs are determined with precision of ±15 ºС; the derivation of calculated С-curves from experimental ones is less than 10%.
  • High reliability in determination of phase composition of the steel during its cooling by multistage user-defined mode.
  • High accuracy of CCR-diagrams calculated for given steel composition.