Our staff

Anatoly Kovalev - Director, PhD (engineering).
Dmitry Wainstein - Vice-director, PhD (physics), Head of surface investigations laboratory.
Mikhail Kuprin - General accountant.
Varvara Filippova - Leadin scientist, PhD (physics).
Svetlana Bojedomova - Software development engineer.
Sergey Gorelkin - Engineer.
Olga Gorelkina - Economist.
Vladimir Vakhrushev - Junior researcher, PhD student.
Egor Konovalov - Junior researcher, PhD student.
Alisa Mukhsinova - Junior researcher, MSc student.

SPRG scientists are expanding their skills participating in international expositions, conferences, seminars presenting most important scientific results. They have international certificates «Standardization, sertification and accreditation in fields of surface analysis and surface treatment» (Berlin, Germany - 2003; Stockholm, Sweden - 2007).

All SPRG scientists are high level specialists in surface analysis, materials science, steels production and treatment, nanomaterials researches, computer modelling of physical processes.